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Substitute Services

 Willsub services are designed to eliminate the hassles associated with being a substitute employee. As a substitute, you probably receive multiple calls early in the morning or late at night from each of the schools that you substitute for. With Willsub, you will only get the calls you want at the hours that you like. Willsub is 'smart' and knows if you have already accepted a substitute assignment from another school that uses Willsub's services, you will not be called again for an assignment on the same day. Willsub also allows you to decline all assignments for a given day, and using the Internet, lets you enter commitments for days that you will be unavailable.

 In addition, the following preferences are available when using the Internet: You may set the earliest time you would like to be called and the latest you would like to be called. You may select the grade levels (Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle, and High School) that you prefer substituting for. You may also rank the schools in order of your preference, for example ranking near-by schools as a 1, and more distant schools as a 2 or 3. The Internet also allows you to view requests for substitutes months in advance, and gives you a chance to accept them and plan ahead.